Rev. Ross Foti

ross-foti-01Ross is an ordained minister of religious science who enjoys spending his time on the innovative edges of ministry as we know it today.

Together with his bliss✨mate and partner Shelley, a Religious Science Practitioner, he is working on two new projects that meld the virtual and real world’s promise of community, connectivity, and evolution.

Metalucent is the umbrella under which sit their healing and philanthropic works along with myriad creative modalities working with energy and light transmission.

Herestar is a developing app that encourages and quantifies good will, contribution, presence, and true citizenship in our day to day lives.

In addition, Ross & Shelley offer events mixing music, meditation, meals and movement and continue to teach courses in consciousness and self-healing.

Previously Ross has served as the Manager of Growth, Expansion, and Ministerial Support for the United Centers for Spiritual Living in Burbank, CA and Golden, CO; Associate Minister at the Claremont Center for Spiritual Living in Claremont, CA; Founding Minister of Always Be Growing in Claremont, CA; and Spiritual Director of the Conscious Living Center in MountainView, CA.

Ross and Shelley live in California and travel often, literally taking their show on the road.

Both Ross and Shelley are available for spiritual counseling and Inspirational life guidance via FaceTime and Skype, telephone and in person. They work with couples and individuals seeking to discover new facets of spiritually anchored relationships and who are excited to explore their truest identities as human beings.


You can reach them through and Ross directly at