Rev. Robert Applegate

Robert-Applegate-01Rev. Robert first visited Shanghai in 1983. Both he and the city were so different back then! He was teaching English in Taiwan, fresh out of college with an Asian Studies degree, ready to welcome the new Asian century. He had grown up primarily in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand so it seemed inevitable he would somehow find his way back to Asia.

But after two years in Taiwan Rev. Robert returned to the U.S. to go to law school and attempted to become more American and ‘professional’. He tried his very best and ended up traveling to China for business trips and conferences several times a year.  By 2005 Rev. Robert noticed China changing so rapidly between visits and decided to live in Yantai, the Sister City of his home in San Diego, California. They were hardly compatible ‘sisters’. He struggled to learn about himself and how to do life and business in that very different environment.

One of Rev. Robert’s many work experiences was to train mediators, and yet he says he failed time after time to understand his new colleagues. Another big difference from San Diego was the weather. That first winter was the worst in decades. It snowed for 12 days in a row and shut down the city. He was forced to sit in what seemed like a prison while he waited for the ice and snow to melt. This uncomfortable “waiting for my ‘life’ to start up again” changed him. This wasn’t an immediate outward shift.  It was a very deep feeling that he was meant for more than his current struggles to ‘advance’ in life.

A few years later, during the economic downturn, he found himself out of a job and without a home.  This is when he finally acted on that snow driven feeling.  Rev. Robert went back to school to get a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute.  He is now a licensed minister in the “new thought / ancient wisdom” tradition of Science of Mind and Spirit. Change your thinking; change your life!

In that first Yantai winter Rev. Robert knew a seed had been planted that would bring him back to China for a different purpose.  Centre for Spiritual Living-Shanghai is a result.  It is dedicated to show us the creative power of the Divine that lies within each one of us and how to use it.

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