Rev. Melanie Burns

melanie-burns-01Rev. Melanie Burns seeks to empower individuals and organizations to rise to their highest potential by recognizing their spiritual magnificence and through the use of spiritual principles. Rev. Melanie is an ordained Religious Science Minister affiliated with the Centers for Spiritual Living and with the CSL Focus Ministry, Global Outreach Connection.

After moving to Milwaukee to care for her father in 2008, she has worked in the fields of dementia care and hospice. Currently she is consulting and forging new territory in preparation for the silver tsunami – the huge increase in the population of aging. She states: “What better way to prepare for any change than to create it in mind first? Old isn’t a 4 letter word and we citizens of this planet may reap the blessings of elder wisdom as well as communities of intergenerational collaboration. But first we must awaken to who we really are, wonders of God’s creation, each and every one”.

She may be contacted for workshop leadership, (for example Conscious Aging, as a trained Institute of Noetic Sciences facilitator). Or as a speaker, coach/mentor or spiritual counseling.

A minister since 1996, Rev. Melanie has served as church pastor in Ft. Myers, FL, as founding pastor in Naples FL., serving for 10 years, and was more recently a pastor to the Center for Spiritual Living Milwaukee. She served with CSL’s Global Services Core Team for over 14 years, was co-chair to 3 international minister conferences and has participation on various committees.

Rev. Melanie may be reached at: or (414) 335-7516