Rev. Marti Wolf

marti-wolf-01Rev. Marti works with people who are tired of struggling financially spiritual, professionally or emotionally. She helps them realize their miracles through unlocking their own mental, emotional and spiritual power.

Marti organizes peace circles where people come together to create a consciousness of peace locally and worldwide. Women for Peace is made up of circles of women of all faiths and cultures who share the dream/vision of peace. Students for Peace is made up of circles of college students gathering for peace. Participants know how important peace is in this moment in history. They know it from our rich experiences in the world and from a place of deep wisdom within being called forth at this time in service of this Earth and of humanity. These circles started in Denver and are scheduled to be organized across the world.

Rev. Marti is a transformational specialist helping people to consciously transform their lives using the practices she developed during years of study with gifted teachers from around the world. Her practical approach marries the wisdom traditions of East and West with the latest scientific studies in genetics, quantum physics and psychology. Rev. Marti leads classes and retreats that focus on changing core mental, emotional and physical patterns to enrich and enhance daily life, deepening the connection to spirit.

Marti also gives inspirational presentations to groups of all sizes that both inspire and educate. Her style is interactive to engage audiences on a journey of growth and learning.

Rev. Marti coaches a limited number of people through her advanced program Joyful Success: Life on Fire. Through examining their core beliefs, participants find beliefs that suppress their passion and joy and discover what is holding them back from successes in other areas of your life. Participants discover what it is they are looking for in life to make you happier and develop an easy to follow daily action plan for them to meet personal success and life their life on purpose. The tools in the daily action plan take advantage of the way the brain works, and use it to make success easier and attainable.

Prior to being a minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, Rev. Marti worked for 22 years with the Environmental Protection Agency and is still involved in environmental issues around the world.

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Phone: 303-601-9902