Linda Lee, RScP

linda-lee-01It is and always has been my Intention to be open to and expand in whatever way is God’s vision of Itself in, for, through and as me.  My Consciousness and my vow as a Practitioner is to always walk in and act through integrity.  First foremost I am here for God.  I am about Oneness, Peace and Love.  I anchor my life in the Now.  This is what I know, what I am and what I teach.  I love God.  I love Life.

I was an art major throughout school and was awarded a scholarship to Chaunard Art Institute, Los Angeles.  Art, aesthetics and beauty stir my soul.  I continue to paint, play and create through many artistic modalities.

I love nature and all the precious life of this planet.  For many years when I lived in the Los Angeles area, one of my ministries was Feral Cat Rescue.  I have always loved cats and currently have two beautiful feline companions who allow me to adore them.

I have always been connected in Spirit.  As a small child I told stories to my family of “living with the angels” before I came to live here.  I feel and know the essence of Spirit in all.  As a student of Spirit I have always been on the quest to learn and embody more.  I have studied and completed a Course in Miracles and I completed the Self Realizations Fellowship classes and training.

I have been a Religious Science Practitioner for 15 years.  I found and fell in love with the teachings of Ernest Holmes and the Science of Mind at Agape International Spiritual Center, Santa Monica, California in the mid 1980’s.  Agape later moved to Culver City and I continued my membership and SOM classes and Practitioner Training there under Dr. Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith and the many wonderful ministers and teachers.  I was very involved in teaching classes, decorating and beautification for events and was the assistant to the Prayer Ministry director for many years.  I also had a Practitioner clientele in the Los Angeles area.

I was employed by United Centers for Spiritual Living, Los Angeles, then Burbank 1993 through mid-1996.  I acted in various capacities, promoting and selling product at events, developing a bookstore, serving on the Strategic Planning Committee to implement the Global Heart Vision, I was part of property search committee for the move from Los Angeles and I was the UCRS Tithe Committee liaison.

In 2002 through 2008 I was the Lead Practitioner at the Center of the Heart Santa Barbara.  Assisted in all areas of that community.  When the minister left the Center I took over teaching the Practitioner 1 Class of 4 to completion.  Then taught and graduated the remaining 3 students.   This was with Dr. Rev. Patt Perkins as my E.R.  She continued to sponsor my work and in 2008, the Cambria Pines by the Sea, Teaching Chapter now Cambria Sacred Circle. Suzanne Richardson continues to work with me to this day.  We have a powerful Prayer Ministry, a Monthly Meditation and gathering and facilitate Retreats 3 to 4 times per year.

I continue to have an active counseling practice with clients from Cambria to Santa Barbara. I facilitate celebration of life ceremonies, memorial services, house blessings and weddings.  I have just begun this year 2016 to facilitate the Sunday Service for Cambria Unity Church on the first Sunday of each month.

I am so thankful and honored to hold my license through Global Outreach Connection.  I continue to stay open to what shows up and listen to Spirit’s direction. My life is full and I love it.  I love say yes to God – Life is Good.

Spiritual Director ~ Cambria Sacred Circle

535 Huntington Rd.,
Cambria, CA 93428

805-203-5088  ~  805-722-2285