Jacquaeline Hellman, RScP

jacquaeline-hellmanI am in my 15th year as a licensed Religious Science practitioner. I indulge myself with our ‘open at the top’ teaching with some Buddhist practices, along with my other favorite western-world teachers like Ram Das, Dr. David R Hawkins, Michael Brown, Eckhart Tolle, and Pema Chodron, etc.

My husband of 37 years, Erwin, and I co-sponsor a regular spiritual discussion group, a weekly 12 step group called Emotions Anonymous and together we have team planned and lead retreats. My favorite service, however, has been in teaching principle, which now will be broadened.

And, of course, since I bring my consciousness everywhere I go, I firmly believe that as I do my spiritual work and raise my conscious awareness this consciousness contributes to the global “raising of the sea”. I hold steady to being a light in this world and am so very grateful to get the opportunity to serve the Divine in so many ways.