Rev. Connie Phelps

connie-phelps-01Rev. Connie grew up in small town Alberta, raised in the oilpatch and on the move. As a result she has developed an incredible capacity for and understanding of change.  She is very outgoing, warmhearted, friendly and approachable.

Rev. Connie’s vision statement is: To Know, To Grow & To Sow.  She has identified her purpose as: To make a difference in the world by being the best she can be. Through spiritually leading, learning and loving she lives with integrity, intimacy, power and passion.

She is an enthusiastic and principled minister with twenty-five years experience in the Science of Mind teaching.  She has specific skills as a leader, public speaker, Sunday presenter and workshop facilitator with emphasis on identifying the spiritual component in everyday life.

Rev. Connie has participated in, assisted with and facilitated many personal development courses and workshops during her journey.  Science of Mind has been the most rewarding, enjoyable and life changing of them all. She is dedicated to taking the S.O.M. teaching into the community and the world.

Her journey as a minister has taken her to various Centres across Canada – from Toronto to Kamloops, and most recently to ministry in Kenya, Africa, which she has identified as her passion.  Her goal is to to continue establishing the Centre for Spiritual Living in Nairobi, Kenya.

She is an inclusive and empowering leader, a clear thinker, a good listener and a great friend; with a deep trust in Divine Principle.



Phone: 780-328-4431