Rev. Barbara Rush

Founding Minister

barbara-rush-01At a very young age, Rev. Barbara Rush questioned the meaning of Life and heard that still small voice saying; it is simple, just look within and trust.  Not that it was fully understood at the time but at least, it felt like a perfect beginning.  Born and raised an identical twin, living in Buffalo, New York, with the model of her parents, she had a very strong faith and trust in Life with its multiple of blessings.

Having the opportunity to live in nine different countries since the age of twenty-one, and travel to more than sixty countries over the years, Barbara has experienced the beauty and wonder of humanity’s diversity.  She appreciates the truth that beneath all the cultural differences, the heart of Life is the same.  We are all connected to something much larger than what we believe.

I am blessed to have found my spiritual community, Mile Hi Church in Lakewood, Colorado and our Centers for Spiritual Living, worldwide, who has grown me and nurtured me into the Global Minister I have become.  They are beacons of light leading the way in the truth that Spirit is everywhere present, and every one of us have our blessed and unique path to God.

Rev. Barbara Rush received her Masters degree in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute in 2007, and became an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living in 2010. In her ministry, Global Outreach Connection, she has traveled to Ukraine, Russia and Kenya advancing the message of ‘Truth’ that we are all one human family.

Presently Barbara and Wally enjoy sharing their lives with their combined four sons, three daughters-in-law, six grandchildren, Kalli their little Malshi dog and cat Credit. They spend half their year in Colorado and the other half in Maui.

Barbara and her son Marty published a Coffee Table Book, ‘Looking Through The Lens Of Life’, addressing those imponderable questions about Life…What is Life and who are we in relationship to this thing called Life?  Can we believe that we are unique and valuable and perfect?  As we let go of outer chaos, circumstances, conditions and crises and choose to hear our own inner guidance and intuitive voice, we deepend our Life experience of joy.  Welcome to the glory of Life.  Books available at the website below or on Amazon.


Rev. Barbara Rush

Global Outreach Connection, Founding Minister